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Churchill Management - Commentary

by Craig Love, on July 13, 2022

  • Stocks continue to struggle to find footing. After a near 10% rally/bounce to end the month of May, June started flat and then turned down and made new lows for the year.
  • The questions on all investor's minds are, will the market stabilize and put in a bottoming process, or is any positive movement just a Bear Market counter-trend rally?
  • It is still too early to tell. The history of Bear Markets is filled with short-term bottoming formations that lead to elongated rallies that do not hold. Therefore, for now, in our tactical strategies, we remain cautious.
  • The market is now struggling with the question of whether the Federal Reserve will tighten so much that it creates a recession.
  • Whether we experience a recession is important. Bear markets that coincide with recessions tend to be worse than those that do not.
  • The commonly held definition of a recession is two consecutive negative quarters of declining GDP. We have already seen a negative GDP reading for Q1.
  • Second-quarter GDP comes out July 28th, which happens to be one day after the Fed meeting where it is expected to raise rates another 75 basis points.
  • Volatility is likely to remain high over the coming months. We expect the economic data releases will be very uneven, with a mixture of good and bad news on both the inflation and jobs front.



Source: Churchill Management Group 

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