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Little Harbor Advisors - Commentary

by Craig Love, on June 01, 2022

Little Harbor Advisors is hosting a series of calls to provide updates to their Alpha Seeker strategy, which has been used to manage investment capital since October of 2011. The strategy seeks to provide absolute returns across multiple market cycles which are generally not correlated to the US equity or fixed income markets, with a tail risk management attribute in crisis periods.

If you are not familiar with Little Harbor Advisors, they are a boutique investment manager focused on tactical strategies for financial advisors, institutional investors and portfolio managers seeking diversification, with a focus on risk management.

Each call will allow you to meet the portfolio managers, Matt and Mike Thompson, for a discussion on the Alpha Seeker strategy and how it might benefit your overall portfolio by providing a measure of risk management.

Simply click HERE to register for the web presentation and discussion.

Source: Little Harbor Advisors

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