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Neuberger | Berman - Commentary

by Craig Love, on March 24, 2022

RIA Weekly Update – Key Events and Publications

War, Inflation, and Markets

Investors appear to be refocusing on pre-war concerns about economic fundamentals—but finding that this horrific conflict has exacerbated them.

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Factor Investing in Fixed Income

Largely associated with equities, the use of factors is gaining traction as a way to identify opportunities within the fixed income universe.

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Energy Volatility, the Economy, and Markets: Are We at a Tipping Point?

Join Joe Amato, President and CIO—Equities on Thursday, March 31 for a discussion with Jeff Wyll, Senior Energy Research Analyst, Sarah Peasey, Director of European ESG Investing and Raheel Siddiqui, Senior Investment Strategist.

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Source: Neuberger | Berman

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